Leg Strength Routine for Skimo

This fall I made the step up from training at the university gym to working with Jen and JF at Challenge by Choice, a strength training center in Squamish. The athletes training at CBC are all primarily runners, cyclist, climbers and skiers so it is pretty easy to feel at home. The gym is not[…]

Ski season is back!

Rarely in BC do I find myself wishing for rain but the high pressure living over Squamish throughout the fall has made it a reality. While I attended a conference in Halifax, (Cold, windy, with good lobster) all my wishing for snow seemed to start paying off. Seeing photos of my friends out playing in[…]


I don’t have much of an excuse for the recent lack of updates. There has been no lack of adventure, only time and motivation to spend more time on the computer. This should probably be split into a few posts but i’ll stick with the one long one and a bunch of pictures. The first[…]