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Eric Carter MSc, PhD.

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I am a ski mountaineer based in the Pacific Northwest and the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. From 2014 to 2019, I competed as a member of the U.S. National Ski Mountaineering Team on the ISMF World Cup as well as competing in the 2015 and 2017 World Championships. After stepping back from a focus on high performance racing, I’ve moved towards exploratory ski alpinism and mountain running.  I am also an exercise physiologist with a focus on mountain athletes.

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My style of mountain sport is to choose the most interesting and exciting possible objective for the conditions and use the most efficient techniques to achieve that objective. On any given mountain, it may require running shoes, skis, or crampons to get to the same place. By being adaptable and accommodating for those conditions, it’s possible to really maximize what’s possible.

Throughout my racing career, I’ve always been tempted away from structured training by adventure skiing. Steep ski alpinism has always been my passion but racing was the lens through which I approached it. With an almost 2-year hiatus from racing due to Covid-19, I’ve had to pivot to exactly that – moving efficiently through the mountains to visit wild places that challenge my physical, technical, and mental abilities.

In 2021, I primarily focused on adventures local to southwest BC. This wasn’t terribly “exploratory” though my partners and I did complete several first descents as well as visiting areas we hadn’t previously spent much time. I’m looking forward to continuing the progression of both my skills and tick list in 2022 both locally and further afield.

2022 Goals:

  • Continue to compete domestically on the Canadian Cup and at select Grande Course races. Maintain fitness by racing to apply to big mountains.
  • Pursue a tick list of significant repeat, and first descents in SW BC and the Canadian Rockies.
  • Travel to the Indian Himalaya in April/May 2022 to complete a film project applying our tactics of efficient travel on a first descent of a 6700m peak. This film will also highlight the importance of the snowfall on a face that eventually reaches the Ganges River which supports more than 400 million people and is one of the most polluted in the world.
  • Continue to progress as a professional athlete:
    • improve my filming and video editing,
    • become a stronger ice and mixed climber,
    • sharpen my ski technique, specifically around mandatory drops/air.

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Professional Resume:

Co-Owner – Ridgeline Athletics

I work with ultra-runner and race organizer Gary Robbins, preparing athletes to achieve their dreams in the mountains through running or ski mountaineering.

Director of High Performance – Quest University LEAP Team

LEAP is Quest University’s non-traditional, individual sport athletic and high performance team. I work with the athletes and performers on LEAP to ensure they are receiving the best possible support from the university to  achieve their goals.