Expedition – Planning

Summer 2012 brings two exciting research expeditions. The first to Bamfield, BC on Vancouver Island, the second to Dhunche, Nepal.

From May 20th to June 8th, I will be collecting data on the effect of exercise in preventing the bends in SCUBA divers. Martin and I will be staying at the Marine Science Center in Bamfield (near Tofino) on the west coast of Vancouver Island. This trip is coming up soon and we are nearly completed with our preparations. All that is left is buying supplies and making sure we don’t forget anything.


From July 20th to August 10th, we will be travelling to Nepal to study among other things, the possibility of developing a predictive test for acute mountain sickness (AMS). We just booked our flights on Southern China Air into Kathmandu and from there we will be driving to Dhunche where we will be collecting data on pilgrims headed to Lake Gosainkunda (~4500m elevation).


Stay tuned for more updates on both of these trips.

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