Race – Coast Cup #2

Eric finishing Coast Cup #2 (Sarah Stepec Photo)

Saturday was the second Coast Cup of the year. A 13.2 km classic race on the Whistler Olympic Park trails. I would have liked to race a little longer and it would be nice to have some longer hills for the Open Men’s category, especially in a classic race. It was definitely a rough first classic ski of the year and I have been sore since.

My Dad was in town and raced. Sarah came to watch and cheered us all on. The three of us went for a nice ski in the afternoon and into Whistler for dinner at Creekbread.

Results at Zone4.ca

Race Analysis:

  • 12.5 km
  • 120m elevation gain
  • 179 average HR

I started hard and caught up to Alistair (UBC – started 15 sec ahead of me) right away. We spent the rest of the race trying to pull away from each other but neither of us had the gas to make a gap on the other. No big climbs so it was an even mix of striding, double poling, and descents. Finished 7th with a bunch of Callaghan Valley Training Center guys taking the top spots and Nico in a strong 6th.

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