Skimo World Cup in Valle Aurina – Videos

This weekend was an ISMF Skimo World Cup race in Valle Aurina. Saturday was the vertical race (one climb, no descents) and Sunday was the individual race (standard with climbs and descent). North America was represented by several Canadian men and women and two American women.

ISMF Vertical Race

Winning vertical climbing speed: 20.16m/min up 640m. Killian Jornet won in 31min 45 sec. Canadians: Reiner Thoni: 17.43 m/min. Andrew McNab: 15.37 m/min. Interesting to compare to climbing speeds to the Jackson races. In the world cup videos, it looks like the grade is lower meaning they have to cover more distance than we did. The first climb at Grand Targhee for example was also shorter than in Valle Aurina (~500m).

ISMF Press Release for Vertical Race (with results).


ISMF Individual Race

ISMF Press Release from Individual Race (with results).

The individual race had 1635m of climbing but I can’t parse out the vertical speed for each climb. It would be pretty cool though if one of the top guys would post their race data…

ISMF Race Video

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