Thank you to all of my current sponsors. Each of these companies provides some form of help, from gear to financial support, and I depend on them to provide the best equipment for aerobic alpinism possible.


Arc’teryx has long been known for making the highest quality alpine clothing. Now they’re moving into making really rad footwear that’s inspired by the type of stuff I like to do in the mountains. I’m psyched to have their support and get to be a part of the design process!

I’ve been racing with Dynafit equipment since I started competing in ski mountaineering. I’ve moved through several generations of refinements of their equipment and am now competing on the DNA Gignoux Boot, the DNA Ski, and the Low Tech 2.0 Binding. I also love the venerable Radical Toe Piece and Expedition Heel, the Blacklight line of skis, and the skins from Pomoca!


Strength, Physio, Massage, and Chiropractic treatment have all been very important in staying healthy for ski season.  Dr. Paul Greenwood at VSCC has been my go-to when my back gets too tight and needs to be realigned.


I’m loving Honey Stinger gels, chews, and waffles for energy while training and racing. A big step up in taste and palatability. The chewies are my favorite 🙂


Petzl are leading edge at developing light and fast gear for ski alpinism. Helmets, ropes, tools, and crampons, it’s all awesome stuff!Ttmz3TAy_400x400

Blue Ice is a small brand that’s slowly building their alpine equipment offerings. Right now, mainly backpacks, harnesses, and tools, but more to come!