Spring Ski Weekend


Spring has arrived to the Coast Range and as the weather calms down, we got out for a few days in the sun.

Sarah and I spent a morning ripping around Blackcomb on the goomed runs and after lunch decided we needed to find something a bit more interesting. We toured out of the resort and made our way to the Husume Couloir. The enterance requires a short bootpack.

This is a fun, steep, out of bounds run that sees a fair bit of traffic but is well shaded from the sun. With other slopes afected by melt-freeze from the sun, our run was still nice powder. The middle photo is three quarters of the way down the run as it widens out and eases off in angle.

The next day, I met up with Paul G and we toured out of Whistler to Fissile Peak. We beat the crowds and were the first ones to boot up the peak. We had out eyes on a steep chute down the north face with the hopes of finding powder. The climb up is a bit of a slog with a long steep bootpack on scree (very loose and slippery rock – vertical gravel almost) but we were rewarded with a perfect untracked powder line.

We took turns jumping into the chute and I lucked out snapping a picture of Paul mid-air.

Saddle chute drops off the foreground ridge from just below the summit. We were both pretty happy and headed back into Whistler for a late lunch and I got home to enjoy the sun on my deck.

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