Thank you to all of my current sponsors. Each of these companies provides some form of support. Though pro-deals, gear, or funding, I depend on them to provide the best equipment for skimo racing possible.

My Dynafit D.N.A. race boots and Low Tech 2.0 bindings are awesome! Dynafit is the best option out there for race bindings (period).



It’s been really exciting to work with Ultimate Direction to help develop their Skimo 8 racing pack. I’ve always been a fan of UD so it’s rad to actually get to work with them!


This will be my seconds season racing on Fischer Skis and I’m stoked about. I’m using the AlpAttack race ski, VerticAlp  race ski, and touring and steep skiing on the TransAlp80 ski. I’m pretty excited to be working with the biggest ski company in the world and excited about their line of touring skis!


Strength, Physio, Massage, and Chiropractic treatment have all been very important in staying healthy for ski season.  Dr. Paul Greenwood at VSCC has been my go-to when my back gets too tight and needs to be realigned.


I’m loving Honey Stinger gels, chews, and waffles for energy while training and racing. A big step up in taste and palatability.


Petzl climbing gear is awesome. They are leading edge at developing light and fast gear for ski alpinism. Helmets, harnesses, tools, and crampons, it’s all awesome stuff!


My favourite glasses are the Julbo Aero and the Aerospace Goggle.


I’ve recently discovered Northern Playground and their ZipLong underwear. If you sweat a lot and don’t like having to decide between wearing long underwear at the start of the day or not, check it out!