Hopkins Crit

One lap on his way to his second real finish of the year. The 4/5 boys heading to the start line. Creepy… Ben riding to 3rd place in the 4/5 Race Tim and Mike at the line of the 3/4 Race Mike right on Patrick’s wheel. 2 Laps into the 1/2/3 race

CXC Training Camp Numbers

7: Days of Camp 7: Coaches 2: US Ski Team Coaches 30: Athletes Attending 150: Miles – Mpls to Hayward WI 2.5: Hours Cycling 4.75: Hours Running/bounding/ski walking 13.75: Hours Rollerskiing 2.75: Hours other training 23.75: Total Training Hours 12: Dips in one minnute 76.3: Ml O2/kg/min (VO2 MAX) 199: Beats per minnute (HR max)[…]