Summer is hitting Squamish

Nothin but sun in the forecast. Before leaving for Bamfield, summer arrived in Squamish. We had 15 straight days without rain that we kicked off by celebrating Sarah’s birthday! We put the bbq to pretty good use as well. Sarah enjoying her birthday cake (that I made). We spent a few days out climbing including[…]

Nutrition – Fuel Comparison

Without proper fuel, a ski tour can turn into a day of unnecessary suffering. My previous post covered some basic concepts for fueling. This post compares some of the different options for fast energy on the skin track. See the full gallery on Posterous Nick fueling up during a break from skiing pillow lines on[…]

Nutrition – Skimo Fueling

Nutrition strategies during a Speed Traverse or Skimo Race. I wanted to detemine the optimal fueling strategy for an upcoming attempt at a fast – in a day – speed ski traverse. This is an approximately 4-6 hour effort with significant time spent climbing. Saturday’s attempt at the Garibaldi Neve is a good example of pace for[…]