Race – Whitefish Whiteout

I spent the last weekend in Kalispell, Montana racing the Whitefish Whiteout. Local ski and bike hero Ben Parsons generously put me up in his spare room and showed me around town all weekend. After the marathon drive from Squamish to Castle Mountain two weeks ago, I had decided against racing the Whiteout, but after[…]

Core Strength for Skimo

Core strength is critical for skimo races. Racers with weak cores become painfully obvious in the tail end of a race on technical terrain. You can watch as their upper and lower bodies get out of sync and they become unable to effectively transmit upper body power. A strong core is critical to keeping the[…]

Fall Training Update

November and December were two of my biggest training months this year with a big focus on volume, especially skiing vertical ascent, and this is pretty well reflected in the numbers. I’m happy with my totals, especially compared to the same months in 2012 (as I prepped for US Nationals in January) although the low[…]