Summer is hitting Squamish

Nothin but sun in the forecast. Before leaving for Bamfield, summer arrived in Squamish. We had 15 straight days without rain that we kicked off by celebrating Sarah’s birthday! We put the bbq to pretty good use as well. Sarah enjoying her birthday cake (that I made). We spent a few days out climbing including[…]


Misery in the outdoors usually revolves around four things. Cold, wet, tired, or hungry. Being one of the four is really guaranteed on any trip. Two of four is still not unusual, par for the course on any longer or more commiting trip. Three or four of the above is generally when you really start[…]

Close Call

Wednesday morning, Paul B. and I headed to the Duffy Lake Road for a day of ski tourning. 30 cm of storm snow and an avalanche forcast of High for the alpine made us a bit hesitant about where we wanted to ski. We decided on tree skiing around Chief Pascall but the latest whistler[…]