A Fine Line

After a final exam marking marathon, I started my holiday break on Wednesday just as a major storm hit the Coast Mountains. I joined Adam for a day of powder skiing on Blackcomb Mountain and did lap after lap of fresh tracks as the sky kept puking. Thursday I dropped Sarah at the airport and then headed up to the Duffy Lake Road with Brad to ski two laps of Rohr Ridge. Lots of snow fell overnight and it continued to fall day as we struggled to break a knee-to-waist deep trail up to the ridge. Friday I met Brad and Paul at Blackcomb Mountain again under clear skies. We hit the lift lines just right for fresh tracks on each of our runs and even managed to get out into the slackcountry for a run down Husume. No pictures because the skiing was so good we didn’t have time to stop (and the weather was bad anyway). By the end of the week my legs are pretty worked. To top it off, Paul brought up a new pair of Dynafit bindings that I shipped to his house and Escape Route in Squamish mounted them on the spot for me on Friday night. Those guys are the best!

A Fine Line Film


Saturday morning I woke up early again for my flight to Toronto and Sarah’s parents house for the holiday. I brought along a brand new movie released by Killian Jornet – ski mountaineering and trail running superman. A Fine Line is just under an hour of beautiful ski and mountain footage following Killian’s project called Summits of My Life. Killian has won every major skimo and mountain running race and is as much of a celebrity as can be in the sport. The film looks at reasons for being in the mountains and taking risks that are inherent in the athletic feats he has set out to accomplish. It is primarily interviews with Killian and his companions, interspersed between (and superimposed upon) short clips of running and skiing in the mountains. The clips are amazing but I found some were too short to appreciate everything that was happening. The film touched on his training only very superficially. As a sports scientist and racer, I am not so much interested in why Killian does what he does but how. Killian is portrayed as a very methodical person whose forays into the mountain are well planned. Much more could be included to explain the principles he follows for his training, technique, gear, and nutrition. I think it would be very interesting to learn more about how he plans and prepares for his trips in the mountains. That being said, the film is well worth the $10 to download and definitely gets me excited to be in the mountains, which is all I can really ask for.

Check out the trailer here: A Fine Line

Buy A Fine Line here: http://www.summitsofmylife.com/en

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