Race – Garibaldi Neve Traverse FKT?

Between car problems, school, and uncooperative weather, most of my ski days lately have been training oriented rather than objective oriented. Last week I did 4x10min intervals at Red Heather, a tempo ski at Cypress, and a day of downhill training at Whistler.

Brad and I wanted to get out for one last ski before he takes off for Skimo World Championships in Italy next week so we decided we would give the Garibaldi Neve Traverse a try. The weather was uncooperative – valley clouds and high clouds hanging over the glacier.

Luckily travel was fast up to Elfin Lakes and Ring Creek. We had an excellent skin track to follow over the Neve proper and made good time despite full whiteout. We cruised through some seracs in the crevasse zone and bombed down to Garibaldi Lake hoping it would be hard and that we could skate. It was slow going across the lake but the trail was skiable entirely to the parking lot.

As far as I can tell the next fastest crossing of the Neve is by Nick Elson and Stefan Albrecher in 6:55 several years ago. For the next attempt, our time splits for major points on the route are below. The biggest improvements in splits can be made after the Sharkfin transition, crossing Garibaldi Lake and descending to the trailhead.

Unfortunately my camera choose today to stop working completely so no photos.


  • Distance: 40.10 km
  • Time: 5hrs 29min 19sec
  • Elevation Gain: 1,694 meters
  • Descent: 2,084 meters


  • Dynafit PDG Race Skis, Plum Race 145 Bindings, TLT5 Mountain Boots, Pomoco Race Skins
  • Dynafit Race Suit, Craft XC Ski Gloves, Buff, Alpina Tibet MT Glasses, Garmin 310XT GPS, Black Diamond Couloir Harness
  • MEC Travellite Pack with: Patagonia Micropuff Jacket, Houdini Windbreaker
  • Nutrition: 1.5L Water, 2 GU Packets, 1 Package GU Chomps and 1 Tim Hortons Chocolate Chip muffin

Time Splits:

  • Red Heather: 40min
  • Elfin Lakes: 1hr 20min
  • Ring Creek Transition: 1 hr 43min
  • Sharkfin Transition: 3hr 15min
  • Garibaldi Lake (Glaciology Huts): 3 hr 49min
  • 6km Junction Garibaldi Lake Trail: 5hrs 4 min
  • Trailhead: 5hrs 29min 19sec

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