Steep Skiing – Mt. Fissile Saddle Chute

 Alexis and I took the morning to ski a moderately steep line on Mt. Fissile. Fissile is the first of the larger peaks of the Spearhead Range beyond the Musical Bumps.


The Saddle Chute starts just off the summit from the NW ridge. A fast ski from the lifts on Whistler brought us to the base of the mountain and after a short bootpack we tagged the summit and made our way to the entrance.


Feeling fairly confident in the stability and seeing no tracks in the line we decided to go for it. I dropped in first and found good snow despite the lack of powder elswhere during the day. Sadly none of my descent photos turned out.


We dropped all the way to the bottom of the run and skinned back up to Cowboy Ridge. From there we careened down the Singing Pass trail to Whistler Village and headed back to Squamish. All in all a pretty solid ski, with almost 1300m of elevation gain.

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