Gear – Alpina Tibet MT Sunglasses

Part of Alpina’s Glacier line, the Tibet MT is a comfortable pair of ski/alpine sunglasses. Packaged with a solid feeling case, out of the box they were lightweight.

The frame seems to be primarily plastic giving it a slightly less solid feel. This is compounded by the fact that the side blinders are not completely fixed to the frame and feel almost a bit loose. This appears to be part of the design however and I have no durability issues yet. Getting over that, they seem to be just as solid as any similar model. The rubber grips hold them on well and they seem to be appropriately sized for my head. Usually, sunglasses are too big and slip off but these are just the right width.

For running they don’t bounce up and down and I have not had any fog to speak of in the cold. The lens is suitably dark for sunny days in the alpine on snow – they definitely work. I usually get a headache in strong sun but not with these!

  • PROs: Good lenses, fit well, comfortable.
  • CONs: Feel less solid than other glasses, no nose cover, no goggle kit.
  • OVERALL: Competitive with Adidas and Rudy Project. An excellent pair of glasses that I highly recommend for skiers, climbers and other mountain athletes. For more information see the Tibet MT at ALPINA

Coming Soon: Alpina CHEOS Helmet and Turbo HM Goggles

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