Training – USA Road Trip Trail Runs

During the middle week of our USA road trip, our primary focus was exploring trail runs in new areas. Our first stop was in Jackson, WY while in town for our attempt on the Grand Teton. The climbing ranger pointed us towards the trail around Jenny Lake. We didn’t want to use up too much energy before climbing but went for a short out and back run before taking a dip in the glacial fed Jenny Lake.

Google Earth overview and elevation profile of Jenny Lake.
Jenny Lake Run Stats:

  • Distance: 7.42k
  • Time: 55:48
  • Vertical Ascent: 129m
  • Max Elevation: 2116m
  • Average Heart Rate: 137
  • Calories: 407

Google Earth overview and elevation profile of Beartooth Pass.
After the Grand, we moved on to Yellowstone National Park and did our share of sightseeing among throngs of tourists scoping out Old Faithful and herds of bison. We drove up towards the summit of Hwy. 212 and went for a short run in the thin air of Beartooth Pass. The high altitide made breathing hard so we opted for a short but scenic run.
Beartooth Pass Run Stats:

  • Distance: 6.65k
  • Time: 53.16
  • Vertical Ascent: 172m
  • Max Elevation: 3165m
  • Average Heart Rate: 131
  • Calories: 311

Google Earth overview and elevation profile of the Castle Trail in Badlands National Park.
The next day we toured Badlands N.P. in 40+ degree heat. The Castle/Medicine Root Trail seemed like a good option for a run with little elevation gain. The loop weaves through grassy desert and cactus bushes with signs warning of rattlesnake danger. On the way back we got closer to the sandy towers that make up the skyline and worked our way through small canyons to make it back to the car. Despite carrying a large amount of water and being fairly liberal with our sunscreen, the sun took its toll making the return trip to the car a race to avoid heat exaustion and sunburn.
Badlands N.P. Run Stats:

  • Distance: 11.4k
  • Time: 1:28:20
  • Vertical Ascent: 57m
  • Max Elevation: 809m
  • Average Heart Rate: 137
  • Calories: 651

Google Earth overview and elevation profile of Theodore Wirth Park, Minneapolis, MN.
On arriving in Minneapolis we ran from my parents house to Theodore Wirth Park and explored the mountain bike and Nordic ski trails. Almost as hot as the Badlands, we were happy to have some trees for shade today.
Theo Wirth Park Run Stats:

  • Distance: 12.98k
  • Time: 1:29:23
  • Vertical Ascent: 109m
  • Max Elevation: 277m
  • Average Heart Rate: 119
  • Calories: 535


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