UHMS Conference

The third weekend of November, I flew to Ottawa, ON for the 3rd annual meeting of the Canadian Chapter – Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society. I spent most of the weekend working at the front desk checking people in for the conference. The second day was focused on dive medicine and I gave a presentation on Immersion Pulmonary Edema from my thesis. The most interesting presentation of the weekend was by a Canadian Forces physician talking about submarine escape. She managed to use “fizz out like a popcan” in a scientific talk to describe the effects of rapid decompression from extreme depth in a human. She also got to doge a question from the audience with the line “thats classified” – I will have to use that in my next talk when I get stumped by an audience member…

I worked most of the weekend but did get in a nice run on a 12 km loop through downtown Ottawa and along Rideau Canal. Ottawa was nice but seemed a little quite for the national capital. Sunday night I jetted back to Vancouver just as the snowstorms started to hit in the mountains and the skiing was looking good!

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