An Ascent of Mt. Crumpit

We are still struggling with the weather here in Squamish. While we have had a few days of sun here and there, we are on record as one of the coldest wettest springs yet. This pretty much means less climbing and more running. Skiing has been non-existant since I left for Bamfield and since myBlack Diamond Drift skis started to de-laminate. They are on their way back to the factory to be replaced. In the mean time, I am anxiously awaiting my Dynafit Race Skis coming in the fall.

Training has been good as I build volume and run more. I have been hitting around 10 hours of running per week. I would like to supplement this with some cycling and a bit of strength training and then start working in some harder runs keeping volume the same. Training will be a bit tough over the summer as I am away for most of July and August. I think once we get back from Nepal and I have less going on, it will be easier to get on a structured plan.

Training summary for April, May, and the first part of June.

I haven’t gotten out for any big adventures lately other than a solo ascent of Mount Crumpit – part of the Garibaldi Massif. Despite deteriorating weather conditions and battling dehydration, I managed the 33,100cm summit at 4:30pm. The summit should have provided views into the Squamish Valley far below and the Chief to the South however low lying clouds and torrential rains prevented any vistas. On the descent, I encountered steep slabs and decrepit fixed protection but made it safetly back to the Smoke Bluffs Chalet for hot tea and cookies.

Mt. Crumpit on Google Earth; Good weather to test the Eddie Bauer Sirocco Jacket; Summit surrounded in clouds; Collapsed bridge on descent trail.

Sarah and I are busy preparing our trail race and I have run a bunch of different course options. I think we have finally picked a good one that includes a decent amount of vertical, lots of trails, and some cool bridges. Plus no major creek crossings.

Covered bridges of Squamish; The Chief.

We are also getting ready to leave for our trip to Minnesota and Toronto on Thursday. We stop first in Kelowna where I am presenting some of my MSc work at a conference. From there we head to Jackson WY to climb the Grand Teton, then the Badlands for a trail run and finally Minnesota.


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