Gear Review – Alpina Cheos Helmet & Turbo HM Goggles

Alpina Cheos Helmet

The Cheos helmet is new from Alpina and features a hybrid construction. The lower part of the helmet is made with EPS to reduce weight while the upper helmet is made with hardshell to maximize impact protection. The vents are placed well and let in a lot of air (so I usually keep them shut). The inside of the helmet is lined and comfortable and I have not had any problems with it starting to smell. The ear flaps are removable as well for warm spring days. The Cheos is available in 3 sizes and 9 colors!

My ears tend to get sore after a full day in a helmet with flaps but I prefer having the flaps over wearing a hat. Luckily, the foam inside the flap is also removable which takes the pressure off my ears but keeps them warm. The strap system is simple and easy to operate with an alpine glove on.

I have used the Cheos Helmet every day of resort skiing so far this year and a handful of days in the backcountry when a helmet was deemed necessary. I am very happy with its weight and warmth. Goggles fit over well and the goggle clip is study and closes tightly. It has survived several hard hits and a few tumbles from the trunk of the car. Coming from a cheap generic helmet, this is a world of difference. Last thought – put a RECCO receiver in it. Something I like to see in any helmet.

  • Pros: Weight, simple strap system, adjustability
  • Cons: Ear flaps squish my ears – easily remedied by removing the foam.
  • Overall: An excellent all around helmet for resort and slackcountry skiing. Good temperature control and simple design. Looks very cool.

Alpina Turbo Goggles

The Turbo HM Goggles are a surprisingly light pair of ski goggles that work well paired with the Cheos Helmet or without. The goggles are highly ventilated with holes in the frame and lens. The lens is actually two pieces of plastic and wraps well to the side to maintain a good field of view.  The frame feels sturdy but the attachment between the strap and frame seems like a possible weak point.

This attachment is what Alpina calls the Hinge Band technology and allows the frame to sit better on your face when attached to a helmet. In this way it serves it’s purpose and it has never failed so I have no complaints.

The strap is well studded with rubber nubs to keep from slipping off your head or accidentally loosening. I have had no fogging issued in a variety of cold and warm (rainy) coastal weather and even in skimo races when attached to my helmet.

  • Pros: Light, cool colors, no fogging
  • Cons: Hing band makes me nervous
  • Overall: Nice goggles for skimo racing and inbounds. I try to take care of them and worry about crusing them in my bag when touring in the backcountry.

Disclosure: The helmet and goggles were a sample, supplied for testing purposes at no cost to the author.

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