Mountain Running – What’s in the pack?

UPDATED: MAY 25, 2015 to reflect a few small changes. I’ve had a few recent questions about what I bring along on mountain runs so here is my list. To be clear, I differentiate between a long run in the valley where water is plentiful and it is easy to bail, compared to┬ámountain runs that[…]

Trail DST Jacket and Dynafit Summer Clothing Review

This spring, I got a big care package from Dynafit with some of their new summer goodies. I already posted a review of the Pantera shoes on but here is a bit about some of the clothing. Trail DST Jacket This is a comfortable jacket that fits well. I suspect it must be DWR[…]

Gear – Dynafit Feline Superlight & Feline Ghost 100 km Review

I have gone through several pairs of shoes over the last season without finding any real standout do-everything winners. The most recent are the Feline Superlight and Feline Ghost courtesy of Dynafit. Long a manufacturer of sweet skimo gear, Dynafit recently entered the trail running game and developed the Feline Superlight shoe for the 2012[…]