Gear Review – Leki Cima Titanium Poles

I used the Leki Cima Titanium Poles as my primary race poles for ski mountaineering. These are lightweight (456 gm according to Leki) and strong. A major advantage of a metal pole to carbon fiber is the durability in a crash. Skimo races have lots of falls and poles tend to jump underneath just in time to snap. Metal poles usually just get bent and its possible to finish while a carbon pole will likely break.

Leading the race with Leki Cima Poles at Ken Jones Classic. Ski Lake Louise Photo.

Skimo mission near Lake Louise with Cima Poles.


The Cima Ti poles have a unique strap attachment that allows a quick trigger action to switch between strap types ranging from integrated gloves to nordic or loop style. I used mainly a loop style strap for racing because of the ease at which it is possible to take the poles on and off.

The cork grip is comfortable and does not seem to chew up gloves as badly as a plastic grip. The interchangeable baskets are useful for different conditions and the sharp nordic-style tip is good for racing up steep icy groomers.


  • Pros: durable, comfortable grip, good power transfer, sharp tip
  • Cons: heavier than carbon
  • Overall: An excellent option for skimo racing and a go-to for training.

Disclosure: These poles were a sample, supplied for testing purposes at no cost to the author.

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