With a pretty exciting wrap up to the ski season, I have pretty much completed my transition to trail running. Unfortunately, not a smooth as the last few years, I have been fighting a couple different injuries. Last year, I had 3 weeks of long, flat, easy base running while doing research on Vancouver Island. I also had more time between ski season and my first race to train for running. This year I jumped straight from skiing to trail racing and while my cardiovascular fitness is right where it needs to be, my legs can’t keep the pace!

Injured Sarah

Injured Sarah 🙁

I have been working on strengthening and improving flexibility in my glutes and hips and this has completely resolved my back pain but in our last race, I strained my calves and a hamstring putting me out of running for the last week. I faired better than Sarah however who has been nursing a severely sprained ankle. She did capitalize on her downtime and had a toenail removed at the same time. Fairly immobile at the moment, she will be looking running for the near future. To add insult to injury, the sun is warm and shining bright, just begging for us to get out and play. Luckily BBQs with friends are the order of the day in these kinds of situations so we fired up the grill and burned through a stack of burgers.

Coming up – a few more exciting things on the horizon. Climbing season is here and I am excited to get out on the rock. A few big days in the mountain are planned and it’s possible there will even be a few more days on skis. Next race should be Comfortably Numb on June 23rd.

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